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(October 21, 1904 - February 1, 1977)
A popular author of science fiction stories and novels during the mid-twentieth century. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, he was raised there and in nearby New Castle, Pennsylvania. Something of a child prodigy, he graduated high school and started college (Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania) at the age of 14–but washed out at 17.

His career as a science fiction writer began with the publication of the story, "The Monster God of Mamurth," which appeared in the August 1926 issue of the classic magazine of alternative fiction, Weird Tales. Hamilton quickly became a central member of the remarkable group of Weird Tales writers assembled by editor Farnsworth Wright, that included H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. Hamilton would publish 79 works of fiction in Weird Tales between 1926 and 1948, making him one of the most prolific of the magazine's contributors (only Seabury Quinn and August Derleth appeared more frequently). Hamilton became a friend and associate of several Weird Tales veterans, including E. Hoffmann Price and Otis Adelbert Kline; most notably, he struck up a 40-year friendship with close contemporary Jack Williamson, as Williamson records in his 1984 autobiography Wonder's Child. In the late 1930s Weird Tales printed several striking fantasy tales by Hamilton, most notably "He That Hath Wings" (July 1938), one of his most popular and frequently-reprinted pieces.

Through the late 1920s and early '30s Hamilton wrote for all of the SF pulp magazines then publishing, and contributed horror-thriller stories to various other magazines as well. He was very popular as an author of space opera, a sub-genre he created along with E.E. "Doc" Smith. His story "The Island of Unreason" (Wonder Stories, May 1933) won the first Jules Verne Prize as the best SF story of the year (this was the first SF prize awarded by the votes of fans, a precursor of the later Hugo Awards). In the later 1930s, in response to the economic strictures of the Great Depression, he also wrote detective and crime stories. In the 1940s, Hamilton was the primary force behind the "Captain Future" franchise, an SF pulp designed for juvenile readers that won him many fans, but diminished his reputation in later years when science fiction moved away from its space-opera roots. Hamilton was always associated with an extravagant, romantic, high-adventure style of SF, perhaps best represented by his 1947 novel The Star Kings. As the SF field grew more sophisticated, his brand of extreme adventure seemed ever more quaint, corny, and dated

In 1946 Hamilton began writing for DC Comics, specializing in stories for their characters Superman and Batman. One of his best known Superman stories was "Superman Under the Red Sun" which appeared in Action Comics #300 in 1963 and which has numerous elements in common with his novel City At World's End (1951). He wrote other works for DC Comics, including the short-lived science fiction series Chris KL-99 (in Strange Adventures), which was loosely based on his Captain Future character. He retired from comics in 1966.

On December 31, 1946, Hamilton married fellow science fiction author and screen writer Leigh Brackett. Afterward he would produce some of his best work, including his novels The Star of Life (1947), The Valley of Creation (1948), City at World's End, and The Haunted Stars (1960). In this more mature phase of his career, Hamilton moved away from the romantic and fantastic elements of his earlier fiction to create some unsentimental and realistic stories, such as "What's It Like Out There?" (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Dec. 1952), his single most frequently-reprinted and anthologized work.

Though Hamilton and Leigh Brackett worked side by side for a quarter-century, they rarely shared the task of authorship; their single formal collaboration, Stark and the Star Kings, would not appear in print until 2005.

Edmond Hamilton died in 1977 in Lancaster, California, of complications following kidney surgery. A year after his death, Toei Animation in Japan produced 52 animated episodes based on 13 of Hamilton's Captain Future nove
ls. This animated adaptation later played in Europe, winning Hamilton a new and different fan base than the one that had acclaimed him half a century before.
     —adapted from the Wikipedia entry on Edmond Hamilton


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The Monster-God of Mamurth (ss) Weird Tales Aug ’26
Across Space (na) Weird Tales Sep, Oct, Nov ’26
The Metal Giants (nv) Weird Tales Dec ’26
The Atomic Conquerors (nv) Weird Tales Feb ’27
Evolution Island (nv) Weird Tales Mar ’27
The Moon Menace (nv) Weird Tales Sep ’27
The Time-Raider (n.) Weird Tales Oct, Nov, Dec ’27, Jan ’28
The Comet Doom (nv) Amazing Jan ’28
The Dimension Terror (nv) Weird Tales Jun ’28
Crashing Suns (na) Weird Tales Aug, Sep ’28
The Polar Doom (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’28
The Star-Stealers (nv) Weird Tales Feb ’29
The Sea Horror (nv) Weird Tales Mar ’29
The Sea Terror (nv) Weird Tales Mar ’29
Locked Worlds (na) Amazing Stories Quarterly Spr ’29
Within the Nebula (nv) Weird Tales May ’29 [*Interstellar Patrol]
The Abysmal Invaders (nv) Weird Tales Jun ’29
Outside the Universe (n.) Weird Tales Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct ’29 [*Interstellar Patrol]
The Hidden World (n.) Science Wonder Quarterly Fll ’29
The Other Side of the Moon (n.) Amazing Stories Quarterly Fll ’29
Cities in the Air (n.) Air Wonder Stories Nov, Dec ’29
The Life-Masters (nv) Weird Tales Jan ’30
The Comet-Drivers (nv) Weird Tales Feb ’30 [*Interstellar Patrol]
The Space Beings (ss) Air Wonder Stories Mar ’30
The Space Visitors (ss) Air Wonder Stories Mar ’30
Evans of the Earth-Guard (ss) Air Wonder Stories Apr ’30
The Invisible Master (nv) Scientific Detective Monthly Apr ’30 [*Sgt. Wade]
The Plant Revolt (nv) Weird Tales Apr ’30
The Murder in the Clinic (nv) Scientific Detective Monthly May ’30 [*Sgt. Wade]
The Sun People (nv) Weird Tales May ’30 [*Interstellar Patrol]
The Universe Wreckers (n.) Amazing May, Jun, Jul ’30
The Death Lord (nv) Weird Tales Jul ’30
Pigmy Island (nv) Weird Tales Aug ’30
The Second Satellite (nv) Astounding Aug ’30
World Atavism (nv) Amazing Aug ’30
The Man Who Saw the Future (ss) Amazing Oct ’30
The Mind-Master (ss) Weird Tales Oct ’30
The Cosmic Cloud (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’30
The Horror City (nv) Weird Tales Feb/Mar ’31
The Man Who Evolved (ss) Wonder Stories Apr ’31
Monsters of Mars (nv) Astounding Apr ’31
Ten Million Years Ahead (nv) Weird Tales Apr/May ’31
The Earth-Owners (ss) Weird Tales Aug ’31
The Sargasso of Space (nv) Astounding Sep ’31
The Shot From Saturn (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’31
Creatures of the Comet (nv) Weird Tales Dec ’31
The Reign of the Robots (nv) Wonder Stories Dec ’31
Dead Legs (ss) Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror Jan ’32
A Conquest of Two Worlds (nv) Wonder Stories Feb ’32
The Three From the Tomb (nv) Weird Tales Feb ’32
The Earth-Brain (nv) Weird Tales Apr ’32
The Terror Planet (nv) Weird Tales May ’32
The Dogs of Doctor Dwann (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’32
Space-Rocket Murders (na) Amazing Oct ’32
The Man Who Conquered Age (nv) Weird Tales Dec ’32
Kaldar, World of Antares (nv) The Magic Carpet Apr ’33 [*Stuart Merrick]
The Star-Roamers (nv) Weird Tales Apr ’33
The Island of Unreason (ss) Wonder Stories May ’33
The Fire Creatures (nv) Weird Tales Jul ’33
The Horror on the Asteroid (nv) Weird Tales Sep ’33
The Snake-Men of Kaldar (nv) The Magic Carpet Oct ’33 [*Stuart Merrick]
The Man with X-Ray Eyes (ss) Wonder Stories Nov ’33
The War of the Sexes (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’33
The Man Who Returned (ss) Weird Tales Feb ’34
Thundering Worlds (nv) Weird Tales Mar ’34
Corsairs of the Cosmos (nv) Weird Tales Apr ’34 [*Interstellar Patrol]
Cosmos - Chapter 17: Armageddon in Space (rr) Fantasy Magazine Dec ’34/Jan ’35
Master of the Genes (ss) Wonder Stories Jan ’35
Murder in the Grave (ss) Weird Tales Feb ’35
The Truth Gas (ss) Wonder Stories Feb ’35
The Eternal Cycle (ss) Wonder Stories Mar ’35
The Accursed Galaxy (ss) Astounding Jul ’35
The Avenger from Atlantis (nv) Weird Tales Jul ’35
The Cosmic Pantograph (ss) Wonder Stories Oct ’35
The Six Sleepers (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’35
Tiger Girl (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’35
The Great Brain of Kaldar (nv) Weird Tales Dec ’35 [*Stuart Merrick]
In the World’s Dusk (ss) Weird Tales Mar ’36
The Earth Dwellers (ss) Thrilling Mystery Apr ’36
Intelligence Undying (ss) Amazing Apr ’36
Beasts that Once Were Men (ss) Thrilling Mystery May ’36
Child of the Winds (ss) Weird Tales May ’36
When the World Slept (ss) Weird Tales Jul ’36
The Door into Infinity (nv) Weird Tales Aug/Sep ’36
Children of Terror (ss) Thrilling Mystery Sep ’36
The Great Illusion (III) (rr) Fantasy Magazine Sep ’36
Cosmic Quest (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct ’36
Devolution (ss) Amazing Dec ’36
Mutiny on Europa (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’36
The Seeds from Outside (ss) Weird Tales Mar ’37
Fessenden’s Worlds (ss) Weird Tales Apr ’37
A Million Years Ahead (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr ’37
Space Mirror (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’37 [*Rab Crane]
World of the Dark Dwellers (nv) Weird Tales Aug ’37
The Lake of Life (na) Weird Tales Sep, Oct, Nov ’37
Holmes’ Folly (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct ’37
Child of Atlantis (nv) Weird Tales Dec ’37
When Space Burst (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’37
The House of Living Music (ss) Weird Tales Jan ’38
Easy Money (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr ’38
The Isle of the Sleeper (ss) Weird Tales May ’38
The Great Illusion (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’38; as by Will Garth
The Horror in the Telescope (ss) Tales of Wonder Sum ’38
Murder in the Void (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’38 [*Rab Crane]
He That Hath Wings (nv) Weird Tales Jul ’38
The Fire Princess (n.) Weird Tales Aug, Sep, Oct ’38
Woman from the Ice (ss) Thrilling Mystery Sep ’38
The Man Who Lived Twice (ss) Amazing Nov ’38
The Cosmic Hiss (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’38
The Ephemerae (ss) Astounding Dec ’38
Bride of the Lightning (ss) Weird Tales Jan ’39
Comrades of Time (nv) Weird Tales Mar ’39 [*Ethan Drew]
The Fear Neutralizer (ss) Startling Stories Mar ’39
Under The White Star (ss) Science Fiction Mar ’39
Valley of Invisible Men (na) Amazing Mar ’39
Armies from the Past (nv) Weird Tales Apr ’39 [*Ethan Drew]
The Prisoner of Mars (n.) Startling Stories May ’39
The Man Who Solved Death (ss) Science Fiction Aug ’39
Horror Out of Carthage (nv) Fantastic Adventures Sep ’39
Dweller in the Darkness (ss) Science Fiction Oct ’39
Captain Future and the Space Emperor (n.) Captain Future Win ’40 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Three Planeteers (n.) Startling Stories Jan ’40
Doom Over Venus (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb ’40
Interplanetary Graveyard (ss) Future Mar ’40
Calling Captain Future (n.) Captain Future Spr ’40 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The City from the Sea (nv) Weird Tales May ’40
Dictators of Creation (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories May ’40
Liline, the Moon Girl (nv) Amazing May ’40
The Isle of Changing Life (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’40
Captain Future’s Challenge (n.) Captain Future Sum ’40 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Lost Treasure of Mars (ss) Amazing Aug ’40
The Night the World Ended (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Sep ’40
Sea Born (nv) Weird Tales Sep ’40
The Triumph of Captain Future (n.) Captain Future Fll ’40 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Murder Asteroid (vi) Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct ’40
Revolt on the Tenth World (nv) Amazing Nov ’40
Gift from the Stars (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’40
Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones (n.) Captain Future Win ’41 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Horse That Talked (nv) Fantastic Adventures Jan ’41
Mystery Moon (nv) Amazing Jan ’41
A Yank at Valhalla (na) Startling Stories Jan ’41
Star Trail to Glory (n.) Captain Future Spr ’41 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Magician of Mars (n.) Captain Future Sum ’41 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Son of Two Worlds (na) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’41
Day of the Micro-Men (ss) Science Fiction Sep ’41
The Lost World of Time (n.) Captain Future Fll ’41 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Dreamer’s Worlds (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’41
The Quest Beyond the Stars (n.) Captain Future Win ’42 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Outlaws of the Moon (n.) Captain Future Spr ’42 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Wacky World (ss) Amazing Mar ’42
Treasure on Thunder Moon (na) Amazing Apr ’42
The Comet Kings (n.) Captain Future Sum ’42 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Quest in Time (na) Fantastic Adventures Jun ’42
The Daughter of Thor (na) Fantastic Adventures Aug ’42
Planets in Peril (n.) Captain Future Fll ’42 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Through Invisible Barriers (na) Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct ’42
The Face of the Deep (n.) Captain Future Win ’43 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Lost City of Burma (na) Fantastic Adventures Dec ’42
The World with a Thousand Moons (nv) Amazing Dec ’42
No-Man’s-Land of Time (ss) Science Fiction Stories Apr ’43
Exile (ss) Super Science Stories May ’43
The Star of Dread (n.) Captain Future Sum ’43; as by Brett Sterling. [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Valley of the Assassins (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’43
Magic Moon (n.) Captain Future Win ’44; as by Brett Sterling. [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Free-Lance of Space (ss) Amazing May ’44
The Shadow Folk (ss) Weird Tales Sep ’44
Priestess of the Labyrinth (nv) Weird Tales Jan ’45
Red Sun of Danger (na) Startling Stories Spr ’45; as by Brett Sterling. [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Shining Land (ss) Weird Tales May ’45 [*Brian Cullen]
Invaders from the Monster World (nv) Amazing Jun ’45
The Deconventionalizers (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Sum ’45
The Inn Outside the World (ss) Weird Tales Jul ’45
Trouble on Triton (nv) Startling Stories Fll ’45
Lost Elysium (nv) Weird Tales Nov ’45 [*Brian Cullen]
Forgotten World (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Win ’46
Outlaw World (na) Startling Stories Win ’46 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The Dead Planet (ss) Startling Stories Spr ’46
Indestructible Man (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Spr ’46
The Valley of the Gods (nv) Weird Tales May ’46
Day of Judgment (ss) Weird Tales Sep ’46
The King of Shadows (ss) Weird Tales Jan ’47
The Star of Life (na) Startling Stories Jan ’47
Come Home from Earth (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb ’47
Prox y Planeteers (ss) Startling Stories Jul ’47
The Star Kings (n.) Amazing Sep ’47 [*John Gordon]
Serpent Princess (nv) Weird Tales Jan ’48
Transuranic (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb ’48
The Might-Have-Been (ss) Weird Tales Mar ’48
The Knowledge Machine (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’48
Twilight of the Gods (nv) Weird Tales Jul ’48
The Valley of Creation (na) Startling Stories Jul ’48
The Watcher of the Ages (ss) Weird Tales Sep ’48
Alien Earth (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr ’49
The Return of Captain Future (nv) Startling Stories Jan ’50 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Children of the Sun (nv) Startling Stories May ’50 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
The City at World’s End (na) Startling Stories Jul ’50
The Harpers of Titan (nv) Startling Stories Sep ’50 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Pardon My Iron Nerves (nv) Startling Stories Nov ’50 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Moon of the Unforgotten (nv) Startling Stories Jan ’51 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Earthmen No More (nv) Startling Stories Mar ’51 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Birthplace of Creation (nv) Startling Stories May ’51 [*Captain Future (Curt Newton)]
Lords of the Morning (na) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’52
What’s It Like Out There? (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’52
The Unforgiven (ss) Startling Stories Oct ’53
Starman Come Home (na) Universe Sep ’54
Sacrifice Hit (nv) F&SF Nov ’54
The Legion of Lazarus (na) Imagination Apr ’56
Battle for the Stars (na) Imagination Jun ’56; as by Alexander Blade.
Thunder World (na) Imaginative Tales Jul ’56
Citadel of the Star Lords (na) Imagination Oct ’56
The Cosmic Kings (na) Imaginative Tales Nov ’56; as by Alexander Blade.
Last Call for Doomsday! (na) Imagination Dec ’56; as by S. M. Tenneshaw.
The Starcombers (na) Science Fiction Adventures Dec ’56
The Tattooed Man (na) Imaginative Tales Mar ’57; as by Alexander Blade.
The Sinister Invasion (na) Imagination Jun ’57; as by Alexander Blade.
World of Never-Men (na) Imaginative Tales Jul ’57
No Earthman I (nv) Venture Nov ’57
The Ship from Infinity (na) Imaginative Tales Nov ’57
Fugitive from the Stars (na) Imagination Dec ’57
The Cosmic Looters (na) Imagination Feb ’58; as by Alexander Blade.
Men of the Morning Star (na) Imaginative Tales Mar ’58
Corridor of the Suns (na) Imagination Apr ’58
The Dark Backward (ss) Venture May ’58
Planet of Exile (na) Space Travel Jul ’58
The Star Hunter (na) Space Travel Sep ’58
The Godmen (na) Space Travel Nov ’58
Requiem (ss) Amazing Apr ’62
The Stars, My Brothers (nv) Amazing May ’62
Sunfire! (ss) Amazing Sep ’62
Babylon in the Sky (ss) Amazing Mar ’63
After a Judgement Day (ss) Fantastic Dec ’63
The Kingdoms of the Stars (nv) Amazing Sep ’64 [*John Gordon]
The Pro (ss) F&SF Oct ’64
The Shores of Infinity (nv) Amazing Apr ’65 [*John Gordon]
The Broken Stars (nv) Fantastic Dec ’68 [*John Gordon]
The Horror from the Magellanic (nv) Amazing May ’69 [*John Gordon]


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