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JACK WILLIAMSON (April 29, 1908November 10, 2006)
John Stewart Williamson, who wrote as Jack Williamson (and occasionally under the pseudonym Will Stewart) was a U.S. writer often referred to as the "Dean of Science Fiction"

Williamson was born April 29, 1908 in Bisbee, Arizona Territory, and spent his early childhood in western Texas. In search of better pastures, his family migrated to rural New Mexico in a horse-drawn covered wagon in 1915. The farming was difficult there and the family turned to ranching, which they continue to this day.

Williamson received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English in the 1950s from Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) in Portales (near the Texas panhandle), joining the faculty of that university in 1960. He remained affiliated with the school for the rest of his life. In the late 1990s, he established a permanent trust to fund the publication of El Portal, ENMU's journal of literature and art. In the 1980s, he made a sizable donation of books and original manuscripts to ENMU's library, which resulted in the formation of a Special Collections department; the library now is home to the Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library, which ENMU's website describes as "one of the top science fiction collections in the world." In addition, Williamson hosted the Jack Williamson Lectureship Series, an annual panel discussion in which two science fiction authors were invited to speak to attendees on a set topic. The Jack Williamson Liberal Arts building houses the Mathematics, Art, and Languages & Literature Departments of the university.

Williamson completed his Ph.D. in English literature at the University of Colorado in Boulder, focused on H.G. Wells' earlier works, demonstrating that Wells was not the naive optimist that many believed him to be. In the field of science, Jack Williamson coined the word terraforming in a science-fiction story, "Collision Orbit," published in 1942 in Astounding Science Fiction.

In the mid 1970s, Williamson was named a Grand Master of Science Fiction by the Science Fiction Writers of America. He was only the second person to receive this honor. The first was Robert A. Heinlein.

After retiring from teaching full-time in 1977, Williamson spent some time concentrating on his writing, but after being named Professor Emeritus by ENMU, he was coaxed back to co-teach two evening classes, "Creative Writing" and "Fantasy and Science Fiction" (he pioneered the latter at ENMU during his full-time professorship days). Williamson continued to co-teach these two classes into the 21st century.

In November 2006, Williamson died at his home in Portales, New Mexico at age 98. Despite his age, he had made an appearance at the Spring 2006 Jack Williamson Lectureship and published a 320-page novel, The Stonehenge Gate, in 2005.
  —adapted from the Wikipedia entry on Jack Williamson


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The Metal Man and Others, Volume One
Scientifiction, Searchlight of Science (ed) Amazing Stories Quarterly Fll ’28
The Metal Man (ss) Amazing Dec ’28
The Alien Intelligence (na) Science Wonder Stories Jul, Aug ’29
The Second Shell (nv) Air Wonder Stories Nov ’29
The Girl from Mars [with Miles J. Breuer, M.D.] (nv) Science Fiction Series #1 ’29
The Green Girl (n.) Amazing Mar, Apr ’30
The Cosmic Express (ss) Amazing Nov ’30
The Birth of a New Republic [with Miles J. Breuer, M.D.] (n.) Amazing Stories Quarterly Win ’31
The Prince of Space (na) Amazing Jan ’31
The Meteor Girl (ss) Astounding Mar ’31

Wolves of Darkness, Volume Two
The Lake of Light (nv) Astounding Apr ’31
Through the Purple Cloud (ss) Wonder Stories May ’31
The Doom from Planet 4 (ss) Astounding Jul ’31
Twelve Hours to Live! (ss) Wonder Stories Aug ’31
The Stone from the Green Star (n.) Amazing Oct, Nov ’31
Wolves of Darkness (na) Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror Jan ’32
The Moon Era (na) Wonder Stories Feb ’32
The Pygmy Planet (nv) Astounding Feb ’32
Red Slag of Mars [with Laurence Schwartzman] (nv) Wonder Stories Quarterly Spr ’32
The Lady of Light (na) Amazing Sep ’32

Wizard's Isle, Volume Three
The Electron Flame (nv) Wonder Stories Quarterly Fll ’32
The Wand of Doom (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’32
In the Scarlet Star (nv) Amazing Mar ’33
Salvage in Space (nv) Astounding Mar ’33
“We Ain’t Beggars” (ss) New Mexico Quarterly #3, Aut ’33
The Plutonian Terror (nv) Weird Tales Oct ’33
Dead Star Station (nv) Astounding Nov ’33
Terror Out of Time (nv) Astounding Dec ’33
The Flame from Mars (ss) Astounding Jan ’34
Invaders of the Ice World (nv) Weird Tales Jan ’34
Born of the Sun (nv) Astounding Mar ’34
Xandulu (na) Wonder Stories Mar, Apr, May ’34
Wizard’s Isle (nv) Weird Tales Jun ’34
The Galactic Circle (na) Astounding Aug ’35
Islands of the Sun (na) Astounding Sep, Oct ’35
Grey Arms of Death (ss) Thrilling Mystery Dec ’35

Spider Island, Volume Four
The Ruler of Fate (na) Weird Tales Apr, May, Jun ’36
Death’s Cold Daughter (nv) Thrilling Mystery Sep ’36
The Great Illusion (II) (rr) Fantasy Magazine Sep ’36
The Blue Spot (na) Astounding Jan, Feb ’37
The Ice Entity (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb ’37
Spider Island (nv) Thrilling Mystery Apr ’37
The Mark of the Monster (nv) Weird Tales May ’37
The Devil in Steel (ss) Thrilling Mystery Jul ’37
Released Entropy (na) Astounding Aug, Sep ’37
Dreadful Sleep (na) Weird Tales Mar, Apr, May ’38
The Infinite Enemy (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr ’38
The Legion of Time (na) Astounding May, Jun, Jul ’38

The Crucible of Power, Volume Five
The Chivaree (ss) Portales Daily News, Sep 13, ’38
The Dead Spot (ss) Marvel Science Stories Nov ’38
Nonstop to Mars (nv) Argosy Weekly Feb 25 ’39
After World’s End (na) Marvel Science Stories Feb ’39
The Crucible of Power (nv) Astounding Feb ’39
Passage to Saturn (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’39
Star Bright (nv) Argosy Weekly Nov 25 ’39
The Fortress of Utopia (na) Startling Stories Nov ’39
The Angel from Hell (na) Marvel Tales Dec ’39
As In the Beginning (ss) Future Mar ’40
Hindsight (ss) Astounding May ’40
Mistress of Machine-Age Madness (na) Marvel Tales May ’40

Gateway to Paradise, Volume Six
The Reign of Wizardry (n.) Unknown Mar, Apr, May ’40
The Sun Maker (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun ’40
Crystal of Death (ss) Stardust Aug ’40
The Girl in the Bottle (nv) Super Science Stories Sep ’40
Racketeers in the Sky (nv) Argosy Weekly Oct 12 ’40
Ashes of Iron (ss) Stardust Nov ’40
Darker Than You Think (n.) Unknown Dec ’40
The Star of Dreams (nv) Comet Mar ’41
The Iron God (nv) Marvel Stories Apr ’41
Gateway to Paradise (na) Startling Stories Jul ’41

With Folded Hands . . .  And Searching Mind, Volume Seven
"Backlash"  (Astounding Science Fiction, Aug '41)
"Breakdown"  (
Astounding Science Fiction, Jan '42)
"Conscience, LTD."  (Unknown, Aug '43)
"Cold Front Coming"  (Blue Book, Jun '45)
"The Equalizer"  (Astounding Science Fiction, Mar '47)
"With Folded Hands . . ."  (Astounding Science Fiction, Jul '47)
". . . And Searching Mind"  (Astounding Science Fiction, Mar, Apr, May '48)
"The Moon and Mr. Wick"  (Comet, Sum '50)
"The Cold Green Eye"  (Fantastic, Mar/Apr '53)
"Hocus-Pocus Universe"  (Science Stories, Oct '53)
"Operation Gravity"  (Science Fiction Plus, Oct '53)
"The Hitch-Hiker's Package"  (Fantastic Universe, May '54)
"Guinevere for Everybody"  (Star Science Fiction Stories No. 3, 1954)
"You Can't Beat a Marine"  (El Portal, May '56)
"Beans"  (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov '58)


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